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✦ πƒπ’πšπ¦π¨π§π πƒπžπ¬πœπ«π’π©π­π’π¨π§
✦ Shape : Oval
✦ Carat weight : 0.10 CT
✦ Color : Fancy Vivid Blue
✦ Clarity : VS2
✦ Polish : Very Good
✦ Cut : Excellent
✦ Symmetry : Excellent
✦ Type : Lab Grown Diamond (CVD)

✦ Perfect CVD diamond for engagement rings and fine jewelry - this eco friendly diamond is lab grown which means its conflict free. It is identical to natural diamonds and has no difference visually or chemically. We position ourselves to bring ethical and environmental clarity to fine jewelry buyers and source our lab grown diamonds directly from growers that allows us to create a transparent supply chain and price them at a bargain. The only difference between natural and lab grown is the origin of the diamond - what took millions of years to form has been condensed to a few weeks.


"Experience the captivating beauty of blue lab-grown diamonds in their grandeur with our expansive collection. Delve into a world where sustainability meets sophistication, as each large blue lab-grown diamond embodies unparalleled brilliance and ethical integrity. From statement pieces to timeless classics, our meticulously crafted gems redefine luxury with a conscience. Explore our range today and adorn yourself with the elegance of responsibly sourced, lab-grown diamonds."

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